• Brad's Story - Keynote

  • Brad’s Story

    Brad left his career as a Financial Advisor to pursue being a Professional Speaker.  When he made this choice he was challenged by colleagues, friends and family.  They told him that he was making the worst decision of his life.  They said, “You have worked so hard in school and professionally.  Why are you throwing everything away?”

    As a professional speaker Brad inspires new ideas, encourages collaboration and leads by example.  His book “Write to Dream” helps students gain confidence, overcome fears and be accountable for their future.  Brad has shared messages with 10,000’s of students across the country.  Students often ask, “Brad how did you accomplish so much at a young age?”

    This is a keynote address about Brad’s journey from high school till today.  He shares specific strategies and choices to significantly impactacademic achievement.  He gives students the confidence to make the tough, but correct decision about choosing the right friends.  Brad gives insight on the mindset you need to get outside your comfort zone, take risks and deal with negative comments from others.


    • Take Accountability for Your Actions
    • Learn to be Confident in Your Decision
    • The Three Keys to Academic Success
      • Show up to every class
      • Turn in assignments on time
      • Ask a question if you don’t understand
    • Choose the Right Friends
    • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
    • Have a Plan for Your Future