• High School Workshops

  • Ignite Your Organization

    Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Organization! Learn how to develop a strong mission statement, create an action plan and hardwire accountably into members. This strategy will help your team make decisions, stay organized and grow membership. Your organization will accomplish more and have less drama.

    • Develop a mission statement and action plan
    • Learn ways to engage current members
    • Get organized and avoid drama

    “Write to Dream”

    Write to Dream is for dreamers, high achievers, and for people that are looking for a change. This is not simply about recording the day’s events, but providing you with an easy to follow routine which lays the foundation for your success. “In the end, you will not get a grade, you will get results.” – Brad Killmeyer

    • Develop Daily Habits that Lead to Success
    • Monitor progress toward individually set goals
    • Members learn the power of being Grateful Each Day

    Failure Forward (General Leadership)

    We all experience failure on a regular basis. The difference between typical and exceptional leadership is what happens after failure occurs. Do you shut down and quit? Or are you determined to succeed? In this workshop, you will gain confidence, learn from mistakes and discover how to use failure to you advantage. Join this interactive session and you will learn to get out of your comfort zone, take more educated risks and Grow as a Leader!

    • Overcome the Fear of Failure
    • Take risks on new activities that fall outside of your comfort zone
    • Gain Confidence from Past Mistakes
    • *Key – Learn that your peers have very similar challenges

    End Substance Abuse

    Students abuse Drug and Alcohol in college regularly. These poor choices can have a negative lifelong effect. Brad will engage with students on the deep issues in their day-to-day lives that contribute to the “in-the-moment” decision to use drugs and alcohol, factors such as curiosity, stress and peer pressure.At the close of the talk, Brad impresses on the students the need for each of them to make a decision – today – about what they will do when they are first offered drugs.

    • Awareness about the risks of Drug and Alcohol abuse
    • Students become better prepared to handle peer pressure
    • Students learn how get friends the help they need

    Social Media – What’s New?

    In this hands-on workshop, the students will learn about the dangers of using socially media incorrectly. The students will be given simple steps to dramatically improve their profiles. These updates can be made instantly during the workshop with the use of a cell phone. Each student will leave with improved profiles, new friends and a life-long skill about how to use Social Media.

    • Awareness about the Dangers of Social Media
    • Improved Social Media Accounts
    • Meet New Friends